Monday, February 25, 2013

Wandern in Tirol auch das Tal :D

Wanderung in das Tal “G’sperr”

 bergwanderung in tirol und bergtouren

Austria, Tyrol, Reutte January 2013

Wanderung in das Tal “G’sperr”

Ein klarer, eiskalter Morgen. Die Sonne ist bereits über den schroffen Berggipfeln ausgegangen und die frische Morgenluft lädt zum Wandern ein. Letzte Nacht hatte es geschneit und der weiche Pulverschnee bedeckte das ganze Tal.

Nicht weit vom Ortszentrum Reutte, am Fuße des Berges „Dürrenberg“, schlängelt sich ein schmales Tal über 2km in den Fels. Die Einheimischen nennen dieses Tal zu Recht den „Grand Canyon“. Im Winter führt der Fluss „Zwieselbach“ meistens nur wenig Wasser und so kann man mit passendem Schuhwerk und Eispickel den Weg in dieses wunderschöne Tal wagen.

foto nach das schoen tal bergwanderun in tirol
Das Schoen tal!
Mit wasserdichten Schuhen, Rucksack und Eispickel waren wir gegen 10.00 Uhr am Ausgangspunkt. Es wurde schnell klar, dass diese Wanderung trotz guten Materials nicht einfach werden würde. Der Fluss führte trotz des Winters noch ziemlich viel Wasser und um überhaupt das Tal betreten zu können mussten wir schon 2 Mal den Fluss überqueren. Im Zickzack Kurs ging es zuerst über verschneite Felsen und Eisplatten, die den Fluss säumten. Inzwischen war es wärmer geworden, aber die Sonne würde es erst in einigen Wochen schaffen den Boden des Tales zu berühren. So bahnten wir uns unseren Weg immer weiter in dieses wunderschöne Tal hinein und hinter jeder Flussbiegung wurde die Landschaft rauer. Das kristallklare Wasser hatte 4 Meter hohe Wasserfälle gefrieren lassen. An diesen Stellen kamen unsere Eispickel zum Einsatz.

Ohne die Eispickel und die Schuhe mit einer besonders harten Sole, hätten wir keine Chance auf dem gefrorenen Boden Halt zu finden. Das praktische an diesen Eispickeln ist, dass sie nicht nur wenige Millimeter in das Eis geschlagen werden müssen, um einen Menschen zu tragen. Gefährlich wird es erst dann, wenn das Eis ausbricht. Bei Temperaturen unter dem Gefrierpunkt ist es deshalb sehr wichtig, immer Wechselkleidung im Rucksack zu haben. Das gefährlichste ist die Kälte.

Im Sommer gehen wir oft zum Klettern in der „G’sperr“. Ein Kletterparadies mit Routen unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeitsstufen.
Ein Muss für alle Kletterbegeisterten!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Access exercise Bars are pretty tasty. Keep me going too!

A new thing I've been enjoying:  Courtesy of the manufacturer....  Call my buddy Hamed if you want to order some.  He's a distributor for them. 

Access® Exercise Bars – Pantry 2-pack—Save $2.00
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†When 3 grams of pure CLA are consumed daily for several weeks. Access® contains 1.5 grams of pure CLA per serving.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life lessons learned and Hard Times

There are times in life that test our metal.
First stop your negative self talk, that defeats you before you start.  Best investment in life is investing in your inner person!  Knowledge + Wisdom is more valuable than gold!

     When I really need a mustard seed of faith (an ounce of faith) from people in my immediate circle of family/ friends, they let me down.  I have to have faith in myself.  I guess that is why self made men are called "Self made man"  If by some miracle, you have a close group to support you in your endeavors that's amazing! 

There's always something that causes change in our life.   Are you at that point in life?  I was 2 weeks ago and said YES to an email, and clicked on the link.  Now I'm on the road to Success. Are you ready to get to work and live the life you want not the one life hands you?  Get to work and earn that life yourself.  In the end no one will give you a life changing business you work for what you get in this life.   Alexander the great had to earn his kingdom.   

I am learning to be a person of action through life's hard knocks.  Wish I'd learnt sooner!  Today I am working to earn my kingdom and help others succeed in the process.
If you need someone to talk to email or phone me.  Ive seen the wors of worst of life which makes me help others. 

Are you an action person? Say Yes today and do something about it! 

Latest lesson:  True character shows in your actions toward your enemy in his/her time of need.  Do you show real love to rise above?   Become a person of good action today. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last minute purchase warmed to my core

Come one come all to cheap warmth!

Hi someone asked about great long underwear or base layers. I found a neat long underwear base layer at REI's clearance section. They were an awesome chance encounter! Mine had just split seams from too many years of use. These were only about $20 to boot.

REI Lightweight Polartec Power Dry Long Underwear Bottoms - Men's by REI

The REI Lightweight Polartec® Power Dry® long underwear bottoms are an excellent performance insulation layer for aerobic activities in cold weather.
product image
So these guys got a test in "trial by fire".  I got purchased them and next week we were on the trail to the Polar Star inn.  It's a cabin in the 10th mountain Division's hut system near Vail , cooper, Breckenridge, Eagle etc Colorado.  People traverse back to these remote huts and yurts and cabins that are miles away from civilization.   Guiding this group back there was a welcome break from city life :) 
We were exposed to  50 degree warm days and  -20 cold extremes on top of New York mountain.   They were flexible enough in movement and warmth to handle all I needed.  I could've saved space and left my heavy Polartec fleece pants at home!  Work duty ranged from carrying the group's gear around to having to race out in 4 minute miles to get a sick client back to a hospital.  (Beware of Altitude sickness and drink plenty of water/Gatorade before scaling mountains!)

The underwear base layer did a marvelous job.  I plan on keep using in in trips and around the house since my roommates like the thermostat at 60 degrees!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interesting Places for outdoors and camping/climbing/hiking/kayaking gear

So if you are in the market for good places this article periodically refreshes with sources for good gear.

Some examples of my favorites: top entry level mountain bikes, top entry level mountain bikes, Rock Climbing, Backpacking, , Camping, truck camping, fishing, bass fishing, hunting supplies,
Stores maybe: Amazon,Sierra Trading Post bargain basement, REI, Campmoor, Cloudveil,

Well I"m late for a bike ride so gotta run. Should be fun with a broken foot! Yipes!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cancer and back country or cancer and resurecting life

Hey there all you crazy Gear heads,
I just had a brain storm.  I should do a section on Cancer fitness.  Since exercise and awesome people  helped me in cancer treatment(when I could move more than 4 feet).  Which also helped kicking my but in gear after chemo/radiation/..... Continue.....

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here's another pretty good place for deals.
They specialize on winter sports like skiing