Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last minute purchase warmed to my core

Come one come all to cheap warmth!

Hi someone asked about great long underwear or base layers. I found a neat long underwear base layer at REI's clearance section. They were an awesome chance encounter! Mine had just split seams from too many years of use. These were only about $20 to boot.

REI Lightweight Polartec Power Dry Long Underwear Bottoms - Men's by REI

The REI Lightweight Polartec® Power Dry® long underwear bottoms are an excellent performance insulation layer for aerobic activities in cold weather.
product image
So these guys got a test in "trial by fire".  I got purchased them and next week we were on the trail to the Polar Star inn.  It's a cabin in the 10th mountain Division's hut system near Vail , cooper, Breckenridge, Eagle etc Colorado.  People traverse back to these remote huts and yurts and cabins that are miles away from civilization.   Guiding this group back there was a welcome break from city life :) 
We were exposed to  50 degree warm days and  -20 cold extremes on top of New York mountain.   They were flexible enough in movement and warmth to handle all I needed.  I could've saved space and left my heavy Polartec fleece pants at home!  Work duty ranged from carrying the group's gear around to having to race out in 4 minute miles to get a sick client back to a hospital.  (Beware of Altitude sickness and drink plenty of water/Gatorade before scaling mountains!)

The underwear base layer did a marvelous job.  I plan on keep using in in trips and around the house since my roommates like the thermostat at 60 degrees!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interesting Places for outdoors and camping/climbing/hiking/kayaking gear

So if you are in the market for good places this article periodically refreshes with sources for good gear.

Some examples of my favorites: top entry level mountain bikes, top entry level mountain bikes, Rock Climbing, Backpacking, , Camping, truck camping, fishing, bass fishing, hunting supplies,
Stores maybe: Amazon,Sierra Trading Post bargain basement, REI, Campmoor, Cloudveil,

Well I"m late for a bike ride so gotta run. Should be fun with a broken foot! Yipes!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cancer and back country or cancer and resurecting life

Hey there all you crazy Gear heads,
I just had a brain storm.  I should do a section on Cancer fitness.  Since exercise and awesome people  helped me in cancer treatment(when I could move more than 4 feet).  Which also helped kicking my but in gear after chemo/radiation/..... Continue.....

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here's another pretty good place for deals.
They specialize on winter sports like skiing

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dreaming of biking on a new continent!

So now I just found anther reason I'd love to explore Austrailia!

Here's the vid link:

Here's a neat little Video about some NGO work in Kenya for Economic Development. :) 

Here's the video website on youtube.

Honey Care Africa, Kenya

Question on Home Brewing with HONEY?

Hey there internet-verse!
Honey brewing is big with a couple friends of mine.  Lately I'm considering options... I like honey and always like experimenting.  Since chemo I have a hard time remembering what I read>......  So has anybody tried home brew lessons?  I plan on buying that come payday! 

Home Brew Videos

I'm a newbie so any advice on BUDGET home brew would be great!

Chers all,

Daydreaming of home and gadgets...

There was once a small mountain town filled to the brim of wilderness nature enthusiasts along with  agriculture folks mixed for good measure of yuppy ski resort types. 

Being back last weekend reminded me of what's it to be from a mountain town.  Odd thing is half of the locals have mountain bikes on their cars that are worth three times the price of their auto! 

Guiding some folks up the 10th mountain division huts recently.  One person had a set up for winter gear that probably cost more than I earned all of last year! 

Stopping back into the Wildermans' bike shop I saw more gear and bikes that'd put me into the poor house for many years to come.... Oh ja la!

Trouble since some city folk stole my ride I'll have to beg, borrow, steal (not really steal) a way to get riding again before summer gets into full swing....

BTW.... what do you guys do for winter training for the coming warm biking months? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

29 inch mountain bike vs 26 tire review

29 inch tire vs 26 wheel

In Switzerland last year my racing buddy gave me his 29 inch Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bike to ride. (don’t tell my first bike “peppy” a 26” tire specialized Rockhopper)   I’ve been a bit of hold out for 26 inch due to the technical control smaller tires give.  Yet seeing how easy those big tires make going over large obstacles and big drop offs might make me a convert and buy one on the spot.  Not to mention biking in the shadow of Mt Jungfrau and Mt Eiger added to sheer amazing love of the ride!   We did a fairly easy 40 mile tour around Interlaken up into farms of the sheer valleys. 
29 inch tire mountain bikes are growing in popularity in the last few years.  Most originally regarded them with skepticism, yet they made it into hearts for a trend of proud new Shiny Mountain bike owners.  I few folks on the CU racing team and a Swiss team told me to try them earlier but I held out!  Sales in 2012 were remarkable coming close 2nd to electric bikes. 
Pro vs Cons
Pro large wheels navigate obstacles easier.  They give better stability with more tire to ground surface area which grants better coefficient of friction  I>E Climbs hills easier!  You can also get faster speeds on your bike in the bigger tire!  This is pretty great biking Rocky Mountain Passes in Colorado.    The trick is they use the 28” rim.  The 29’r bike simply uses a different tire. 
Starting con was the large price!  Now though with enough sales the prices are becoming better.  Especially for a starving college grad like me.  Now they are only slightly more expensive than regular 26” mountain bikes.  Also now you can find the parts and pieces i.e. “components” without back ordering or internet hunting as much.  Your local store like Boulder Cycle or Community Cycles should be able to help!
Another pro I loved was obstacles were easier.  Great if you’re bushwhacking down a mountain side.  I was surprised how much control I could still maintain!    Take a rock or ditch.  Drive over a blockage in a Honda civic, then drive over in a truck, and you have easier time traversing! 
Con could be there is less agility than a 26” inch wheel mountain bike.  On real technical trails you can’t be quick as much and the larger bike/ frame/ wheels do weigh a bit more partly due to the redesigned components.  Whichever you use though you will become accustomed to their own quirks. 
What’s the best option?  Researching like using this site as I hope to give links to great sources for technical data soon.  Also run down to your local independent bike shop and make a relationship with a pro bike mechanic.  REI might have killer warranty yet smaller places have much better life relationships.  Take for example my favorite back home
So, how to choose a mountain bike? Try it out before spending $. For example, an 18 inch frame size does not correspond to the same measure of 26 inches wheels bike, as it is even larger, so testing in advance is a must.  If you want online purchase I know a few places to order :)
We took a look at some entry-level models offered by several manufacturers and we’re ready to introduce them to you in this article. For most manufacturers, prices for entry-level bikes start with 600 euro and stop at 1500 euros; dollars are about the same. If you feel ready to make the big step, make sure you have your inspiration with you, and choose your favorite by ride feel and fit! 
If you’re in central Switzerland look up Mika.  He’s an awesome riding buddy! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Entry level road bikes and mountain bikes

This blog will be about Entry level bikes.  For you new enthusiasts to intermediates come check the best gear for your adventures! 
If you like road bikes, mountain bikes, or outdoor gear reviews than keep checking back as I'll get input from racers on regional level and Olympic, both in America and Europe.  
I'm a mountain biker but I run into people on roads always asking questions.... So lets get started :)

Frame Geometry