Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daydreaming of home and gadgets...

There was once a small mountain town filled to the brim of wilderness nature enthusiasts along with  agriculture folks mixed for good measure of yuppy ski resort types. 

Being back last weekend reminded me of what's it to be from a mountain town.  Odd thing is half of the locals have mountain bikes on their cars that are worth three times the price of their auto! 

Guiding some folks up the 10th mountain division huts recently.  One person had a set up for winter gear that probably cost more than I earned all of last year! 

Stopping back into the Wildermans' bike shop I saw more gear and bikes that'd put me into the poor house for many years to come.... Oh ja la!

Trouble since some city folk stole my ride I'll have to beg, borrow, steal (not really steal) a way to get riding again before summer gets into full swing....

BTW.... what do you guys do for winter training for the coming warm biking months? 

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