Cancer and back country or cancer and resurecting life

Hey there all,
I just had a brain storm.  I should do a section on Cancer fitness.  Since exercise and awesome people  helped me in cancer treatment(when I could move more than 4 feet).  Which also helped kicking my but in gear after chemo/radiation/ and the year of throwing up/  living on liquid diets?  Sound familiar anyone?

So drop me ideas, and problems you have had!   I"m in sunny colorado where we worship fitness like a god (some people probably do in Boulder actually)    One of the skinniest or fittest states in the nation, too bad though our ego's don't match. 

The first thing that got me going was Kayaking with First Descents during treatment.  Also volunteering as teacher with East Grand Schools, and horse wrangler with Winding River Ranch in Grand Lake, CO

One bucket list goal finally finished last year was to run a race, and boy was it amazing!  If you get the chance, check out the Boulder Boulder 10K!  Twas my first race ever and emotionally daunting but the whole town turns out and lines the streets wearing costumes and music spots and shows!  So much crowd energy pushing you forward and jovial commendatory.  The daunting part: when your body is a shadow of its former get paralysis by perfection.   I ran it in a pair of Merrel hiking boots I splurged on in REI 's clearance section! 
People call me crazy for running in hiking boots!  Well hey they're my only pair of shoes :) 
They were neat boots that I used for canyoning/ climbing in Moab, UT with some friends not long ago also.  Almost didn't need climbing shoes!  Next hope is canyoneering through some water courses if possible :D 

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