Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last minute purchase warmed to my core

Come one come all to cheap warmth!

Hi someone asked about great long underwear or base layers. I found a neat long underwear base layer at REI's clearance section. They were an awesome chance encounter! Mine had just split seams from too many years of use. These were only about $20 to boot.

REI Lightweight Polartec Power Dry Long Underwear Bottoms - Men's by REI

The REI Lightweight Polartec® Power Dry® long underwear bottoms are an excellent performance insulation layer for aerobic activities in cold weather.
product image
So these guys got a test in "trial by fire".  I got purchased them and next week we were on the trail to the Polar Star inn.  It's a cabin in the 10th mountain Division's hut system near Vail , cooper, Breckenridge, Eagle etc Colorado.  People traverse back to these remote huts and yurts and cabins that are miles away from civilization.   Guiding this group back there was a welcome break from city life :) 
We were exposed to  50 degree warm days and  -20 cold extremes on top of New York mountain.   They were flexible enough in movement and warmth to handle all I needed.  I could've saved space and left my heavy Polartec fleece pants at home!  Work duty ranged from carrying the group's gear around to having to race out in 4 minute miles to get a sick client back to a hospital.  (Beware of Altitude sickness and drink plenty of water/Gatorade before scaling mountains!)

The underwear base layer did a marvelous job.  I plan on keep using in in trips and around the house since my roommates like the thermostat at 60 degrees!

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