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A great little outdoors gear shop for Dillon, CO  Silverthorne, CO Frisco, CO

Hey all,
I should write about one of my favorite places in the mountains to find steep and cheep along with deals and steels for gear.  There's a little known Outdoors Sporting goods store nestled in the Rocky Mountains near Vail, CO.  I find consignments cheaper than anywhere else for wilderness sports like skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, ice climbing, white water kayaking, lake kayaking, best road bike gear, best mountain bike gear adn components, camping, backpacking, back packing cooking gear etc, etc, etc....  Awesome staff like Creed who can answer just about any gear question you got.  I made a off tongue in cheek referral to a wilderness niche and he got it right away :)
An awesome thing about small places they're very customer service oriented!  They even Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

 If they don't have what you need they have connections around the world to find it.  Just this last time I saw my favorite brand backpack Deuter and tried not to drool.
But just check out a small image of some of their gear!
So if you're stuck behind this city slicker driving 5mph
Than come relax Here

Wilderness Sports Consignment

Steals and Deals Ski

Sweet sets of bindings Telly and Trad

For you fellow Nordic cross country lovers!

 These are pretty sweet.  The red backpack looks like my little day rucksack from Switzerland.  4 years old still going strong!
Deuter Backpacks! Next paycheck?!

Then you could use these to walk faster than the California slow drivers

Picture of store front Wilderness Sports Dillon, CO
The new store in Dillon, CO

But just remember when summer comes They got you covered for any quality bicycle products and Components.  If your bikes needing help just ask any of their certified bicycle techs!  
So just give them a call or check their website :)
Logo and phone number Wilderness sports Colorado

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