Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life lessons learned and Hard Times

There are times in life that test our metal.
First stop your negative self talk, that defeats you before you start.  Best investment in life is investing in your inner person!  Knowledge + Wisdom is more valuable than gold!

     When I really need a mustard seed of faith (an ounce of faith) from people in my immediate circle of family/ friends, they let me down.  I have to have faith in myself.  I guess that is why self made men are called "Self made man"  If by some miracle, you have a close group to support you in your endeavors that's amazing! 

There's always something that causes change in our life.   Are you at that point in life?  I was 2 weeks ago and said YES to an email, and clicked on the link.  Now I'm on the road to Success. Are you ready to get to work and live the life you want not the one life hands you?  Get to work and earn that life yourself.  In the end no one will give you a life changing business you work for what you get in this life.   Alexander the great had to earn his kingdom.   

I am learning to be a person of action through life's hard knocks.  Wish I'd learnt sooner!  Today I am working to earn my kingdom and help others succeed in the process.
If you need someone to talk to email or phone me.  Ive seen the wors of worst of life which makes me help others. 

Are you an action person? Say Yes today and do something about it! 

Latest lesson:  True character shows in your actions toward your enemy in his/her time of need.  Do you show real love to rise above?   Become a person of good action today. 

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